Education is Key

We believe that pairing our reusable Menstrual Kits with an education curriculum is essential for breaking menstrual barriers, addressing taboos and improving menstrual health and hygiene worldwide

NGO Capacity Building Tool

The objective of the AFRIpads MHH Curriculum is to ensure the women and girls, who receive an AFRIpads Menstrual Kit, are also equipped with the knowledge and skills for maintaining a happy and healthy menstrual cycle. Our Curriculum is designed to function as a NGO Capacity Building Tool, specially curated alongside our partner Womena, to effectively engage women and girls and create a safe space for learning and discussing menstruation.

The Curriculum


Training of Trainers Handbook

Includes a 3-4 hour curriculum on Menstrual Hygiene Management topics and AFRIpads Use and Care.



E-learning Training of Trainers

A ToT presentation to guide you through the complete MHH training toolkit and ensure you are ready to deliver training on Menstrual Health, the Menstrual Cycle and Use and Care of AFRIpads to your beneficiaries.


Flip Chart Package

Consists of 10 visual aids to support you during your training. Available in color and black and white for easy printing.


Participant Booklet

A booklet for training participants with visual aids of the most important topics that they can take home afterwards. Includes a period tracker for a year.


Information Poster

Summarizes the most important information of the training, including AFRIpads Use and Care, in a fun and informative way. Perfect to hang at school or community center.


Evaluation Tools

Gives partners and beneficiaries the opportunity to give AFRIpads feedback on how to improve the toolkit in the future.


UNHCR and afripads Pilot

Find out how UNHCR integrated our MHH Education Curriculum into their Menstrual Hygiene programme within refugee settlements in Uganda.

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