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Donate an open gift or purchase kits for a school girl directly by working with the AFRIpads Foundation. 

The AFRIpads Foundation, established in 2010, is the charity arm of AFRIpads that supports the goal of the Uganda based AFRIpads Ltd. The Foundation’s mission is to empower women and girls through the provision of AFRIpads: locally produced, washable menstrual pads. The Foundation wants to empower African schoolgirls to achieve their full academic potential and reduce the high rates of menstrual-related absenteeism. 





About the foundation

The Foundation is based in the Netherlands and focuses on raising funds to purchase reusable pads for girls in developing countries. Once funds are raised, the Foundation purchases products and services from AFRIpads (U) Ltd. AFRIpads (U) Ltd. manages the production of the products, their transportation and distribution to beneficiaries, as well as the delivery of menstrual health and hygiene education. With over 12 years of experience working together, the AFRIpads Foundation and AFRIpads (U) Ltd. have a strong working relationship, allowing them to effectively and efficiently support women and girls across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Spotlight: Victrix Donation

In 2022, Victrix, a charity foundation funded by a prominent Belgian business family, reached out to the AFRIpads Foundation to enquire about funding reusable pads for vulnerable girls. The family behind the Victrix foundation have a long standing history of supporting charitable causes, and wanted to support an initiative for girls in sub saharan Africa. 

AFRIpads identified 4 organizations, 3 in Uganda and 1 in Kenya, that would benefit from a donation of reusable pads to support for 3 years.

AFRIpads Foundation and AFRIpads Ltd ensured that the items were distributed to the partners, dealing with the logistics and transportation of the goods. The recipient organizations were also trained on menstrual health and hygiene, and how to use and care for AFRIpads products.