Having reached hundreds of thousands of schoolgirls with its AFRIpads Menstrual Kits, AFRIpads understands that providing a product solution alone does not address the complex needs of schoolgirls during menstruation. AFRIpads, in collaboration with WoMena Uganda developed the GIRL TALK Toolkit, which is now provided free of charge to AFRIpads’ partners.

The GIRL TALK Toolkit includes:

  1. GIRL TALK Handbook: Includes a 2-3 hour curriculum on menstrual hygiene management and AFRIpads use and care
  2. Flip Chart Package: Includes 10 flip charts to support visual learning on complex topics like the menstrual cycle
  3. GIRL TALK Booklet: Gives girls something to take home with important information to refer to in the future
  4. GIRL TALK Poster: Acts as a reminder of what the girls learned and remains hanging at the school
  5. TOT Presentation: Takes partners through the toolkit and includes pointers on creating a safe environment
  6. Feedback Form: Gives partners and girls the opportunity to give AFRIpads feedback on how to improve the toolkit in the future.


Please reach out to Willeke Westra at [email protected] if you have any questions about the curriculum.